“Alex Percy-Smith is the sole owner of APS Consulting Services – a private independent consulting company providing a broad range of services to public and private institutions and organisations”
APS Consulting Services can offer
consultancy and services:

Within the project cycle:
Proposal writing
Evaluation of proposals and institutions
Identification and development of projects
Project Management
Project Monitoring, Review or Evaluation

Building organisations and partnerships:
Putting strategy into action
Curriculum Vitae improvement
Partnership Development

Based on inter-personal skills:
Process consultancy
Workshop & meeting facilitation
Organisation of conferences & study visits
Training in Logical Framework Approach

Based on my personal skills:
Proof reading and Quality assurance of your scientific paper
Quality assurance of project reports and deliverables
Studies and preparation of policy briefs

Membership of expert panels on:
Agricultural Research
Agricultural Research for Development
Global Challenges

Call Secretariat functions
Development of call documents
Management of applications
Managing the international peer review process
Final evaluation by funders etc.

Alex Percy-Smith
APS Consulting Services
Morelgangen 13
DK-3460 Birkerød
CVR: 32 91 91 30
Skpe name: alexpercy-smith